9 Benefits of Playing Badminton Regularly

09 March 2022

Badminton is an outdoor sport that keeps your body and mind active and healthy. To run around the court, you use your limps, eyes, core, and brain actively for speed and quick action. It burns 480 calories in one hour game which means you can easily lose 4 kg in a month. 

If you are also looking for gym alternatives to lose weight in this covid-19 pandemic situation, you can start playing this sport. In this covid-19 time when going to the gym is not a safe option, playing a zero-contact sport like badminton can be helpful to keep you healthy and active. You can contact top badminton academies in Noida if have no friends to play with you or if you want your child to learn this sport.

There are various other benefits than losing weight by playing badminton, let’s discuss it in brief. 

  1. Shed kilos and tone muscle effortlessly 

As you need to run, lunge, dive and do all kinds of physical movements to play this sport, it is a good cardio exercise for your body that involves your quads, calves, and your core. You shed a lot of kilos playing it regularly. It tones your muscles and helps in melting body fat. If you want to tone your muscles, you should consider adding badminton to your workout routine.

  1. Get Healthy heart

To pump oxygen to all body parts your body needs a healthy heart. When you play badminton, your heart rate increases strengthen heart muscles and improves blood circulation. When heart health improves, it controls blood pressure. Playing badminton also helps you to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and stress which are usually a reason behind hypertension. 

  1. Improves Digestion

It is believed that stomach is the second brain of the body. Having a good metabolism is key to maintaining your physical health as it helps in the absorption of nutrients and further keeps your immunity good. When you play badminton daily, it improves your digestion and increases your metabolism rate. 

  1. Get stronger bones

If you want your bones to be stronger, you need to have a considerate amount of physical activity in your daily routine. Playing badminton promotes cell growth that improves bone density and makes it stronger. Having strong bones reduces the risk of accidental injury.

  1. Controls Blood Sugar Level

If diabetes runs in your family history, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases. Eating poor and lack of exercise make it worst. Just by eating healthy food and adding 45 mins of daily workout you can keep diabetes at bay. Badminton is a good alternation for a full-body workout that helps in reducing blood sugar and decreasing the risk of diabetes. You can join the best badminton coaching classes in Noida for daily practice. 

  1. Improve concentration 

Badminton is fun but playing it needs a lot of focus. You have to keep your eyes fixed on the shuttlecock and run back and forth for playing the game. It keeps you alert and improves reflexes. Not just your reflexes, but it also boosts cognitive function. You can hire badminton courts as per your availability and 

  1. Reduces Stress

Stress is a cause of many mental and physical health issues such as hypertension, heart ailments, stomach ailments, migraine, depression, etc. Just by playing badminton for half an hour a day, you can reduce stress. Playing badminton releases the endorphins hormone which is also called the happy hormone. It reduces depression, stress, anxiety and also gives you chance to fight loneliness. 

  1. Sleep Better

If you are used to working late nights and having insomnia or have sleepless nights because of stress or less physical activities? Playing badminton makes you feel tired and help you get good sleep. It is a good workout for the whole body and also releases hormones that decrease your stress and make you relaxed. 

  1. Kids Friendly

If you are worried about your kids’ habit of using smartphones, computers, TV, etc. the whole day and want to give them a healthy break. You can send them to the top badminton academies in Noida for learning this game. Badminton is easy to learn for every age group. You can also play with your kids or parents whenever you get time.

To conclude, badminton not just gives you the above benefits but also a good way to socialize and stay motivated. You can join the best badminton coaching classes in Noida to learn it professionally or just buy a light badminton racket and good quality shuttlecock to start playing it. When you join an academy, you get a chance to know more players and participate in local tournaments that make your life positive and active.


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